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    As a high-tech enterprise specialized in technology research and development, industrial production and product sales of pesticides, pharmaceutical and chemical products, Qingdao Hanrain Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of fine chemicals such as new and efficient pesticides and pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on.Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "unity and hard work, bravely climbing new heights" and insisting on the business philosophy of "new technology, high quality, new thinking, new concept", our company constantly expands the scale of business, adjusts the product structure and enhances the innovation ability of products. Following the market demands, and taking quality as number one priority, we work hard to produce quality products with famous brands.

    There is a well-trained, experienced technical R & D and engineering team working for our company. Under the support of our production factories and synthesis laboratories, our company now is mainly engaged in the research, development, and production of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and intermediates.

    With a strong technical force, dynamic innovation mechanisms and efficient production systems, our company now has a good ability to produce high-tech and high quality products. Relying on excellent product quality, professional and thoughtful service, we have successfully become a trustworthy company among customers. Our company is willing to cooperate sincerely with partners all around the world to seek common development, and create a bright future together!

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